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CS 200: Concepts of Programming Algorithms using C++ (JCCC)


About Rachel

I am a software developer and teacher in the Kansas City area. I received my associate's degree in computer science from MCCKC in 2006, and my bachelor's in computer science from UMKC in 2009. Since then, I have worked in the KC area as a web developer, software developer, and as an independent game developer. I currently work as an instructor at Johnson County Community College, and I'm building my startup, Moosader.

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My Tools


Visualizations and interactive webapps for Discrete Math and other classes.

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This is my C++ testing framework that I use with C++ programming assignments to provide students with a way to validate their work as they go, rather than turning in something that they're not sure will actually work.

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Data generator

Plaintext resource files and scripts to generate data for various programming assignments.

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How do I make...?


Video games?

There are many multimedia libraries and game development libraries out there to enable you to make games with any language you want to use.

Most of these libraries include features to handle loading and displaying graphics, checking for keyboard/mouse/gamepad input, loading and playing audio and may also have additional features like network play.

Many game libraries these days have support for creating cross-platform games, even including mobile platforms.




  • LibGDX - I have used this in the past for game development.




Programs with a UI?

There are various libraries out there to give you UI functionality for your programming language.

I haven't really used these since I just make a website if I need a UI, or I build my own UI widgets when I'm doing game development.






My games & projects

I also spend a lot of time on human languages - both natural languages and constructed languages (Esperanto, LŠadan, etc.) but I won't bore you with the details. :)